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Application and development trend of carbon materi

Posted time:2017-03-30

Application and development trend of carbon materials
Carbon is with high purity quality anthracite, highly processed change some properties of coal, C atom, carbon product according to the product use is divided into graphite electrode, carbon block, graphite anode, carbon electrode, paste, electric carbon and so on. Commonly known as carbon brick or electric furnace, mainly used in metallurgical industry, non-ferrous metal and colorless metal smelting and calcium carbide, phosphorous chemical enterprise! Carbon block can be divided according to the use of blast furnace carbon block, aluminum with carbon blocks, electric blocks and so on. carbon
Products can be divided by processing depth of high and low carbon products, graphite products, carbon fibers and graphite fiber carbon product according to the raw material and production process is different, can be divided into graphite products, carbon products, carbon fiber, special graphite products, etc. According to its content of ash carbon product size, can divide again for more products and less ash products (including ash less than l %). Carbon new material is used in the high technology in the field of carbon and graphite materials, mainly used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear energy, wind energy, hard material manufacturing, electronics, medical, construction, environmental protection and other industries. So called carbon century in the 21st century.
At present has already formed the scale application of new carbon materials mainly include all kinds of special graphite, carbon fiber, carbon composite material etc. Conductive material in electric arc furnace (1) or all kinds of alloy steel, ferroalloy -arc furnace smelting or production of calcium carbide, calcium carbide, yellow phosphorus, a powerful electric current passes through carbon electrode (or continuous self baking electrode, the electrode paste) or graphitized electrodes into electric arc furnace smelting area, the electrical energy is converted into heat energy, the temperature rise to about 2000 ℃, thus meet the requirements of smelting or reaction. Sodium metal magnesium, aluminum, generally by molten salt electrolysis production, then electrolytic cell anode conductive materials are using graphitized electrodes or continuous self baking electrode (anode paste, sometimes using pre-baked anode). The temperature of the molten salt electrolysis is in commonly below 1000 ℃. Production of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) and chlorine salt solution electrolytic cell anode conductive material, usually with a graphite anode. Production of silicon carbide (sic) using resistance furnace furnace head of conductive material, also used graphite electrode.
In addition to the above purposes, carbon and graphite products as the conductive material is widely used in motor manufacturing industry as the slip ring and brush, and the carbon used as a dry cell or producing carbon arc, arc anode in the mercury rectifier etc. 2 refractory Due to high temperature and carbon product have good high temperature strength and corrosion resistance, so a lot of metallurgical furnace lining available carbon block masonry, such as furnace hearth and bottom of the blast furnace and furnace, ferroalloy furnace and calcium carbide furnace lining, the bottom of the aluminum electrolytic cell and lateral. Many precious metals and rare metals smelting crucible, such as melting quartz glass used in the graphite crucible, are made of graphitization billet machining. 3 corrosion resistant structure materials         After inorganic and organic resin resin impregnated graphite material, has good corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, low permeability, this impregnated graphite is also known as permeability of graphite. It is applied to make various kinds of heat exchanger, reaction tank, condensation, burning tower, absorption tower, cooler, heater, filter, pump and other equipment, widely used in petroleum refining, petrochemical, hydrometallurgy, acid and alkali production, synthetic fiber, paper and other industrial sectors, can save a lot of stainless steel and other metal materials. 4 wear and lubrication materials, carbon materials, besides has the characteristics of high chemical stability and good lubrication performance. Under the condition of high speed, high temperature, high pressure, the lubricating oil is used to improve the wear resistance of sliding parts is often not possible. Graphite wear-resisting material can be - 200 ℃ to 2000 ℃ temperature and corrosive medium under high sliding speed (up to 100 m/s) work without the lubricating oil. As a result, many of the compressor and pump forhandling corrosive mediums widely USES the piston ring made of graphite materials,


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