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Domestic graphite electrode industry years have im

Posted time:2017-03-30

Chinese carbon industry association secretary-general Sun Qing said last Friday, domestic graphite electrode industry in the second half of this year, and next year, might be a bit better, but you don t have improved markedly.
According to Sun Qing, due to several reasons, graphite electrode market in the short term there will not be improved markedly. Specific as follows: the graphite electrode of excess capacity, capacity utilization rate is only about 60%; Iron and steel industry and economic operation in high productivity, high cost and low growth, low efficiency of state;                          Compared with previous years, the steel industry electric furnace steelmaking ratio has not grown; Steel mills for insurance benefits, cost reduction for the graphite electrode procurement bidding demand; Yellow phosphorus, corundum, industrial silicon downstream its utilization is low, the shrinking demand; The malign competition of international market and present bargains for market situation.
It is understood that in 2013 the domestic market demand of graphite electrode is reduced, prices fell at the same time, the international market competition is fierce, mainly reflected in the price of graphite electrode, graphite electrode production country Germany SGL abroad, the United States, Japan takes the strategy of sales, the graphite electrode in the international market competition of China is also struggling.
According to incomplete statistics, in 2013 106000 tons of graphite electrode inventory in China, compared with the same period last year growth rate of 12.4%. With ultra high power graphite electrode inventory of 45849 tons, with 23.47% growth rate; High power graphite electrode inventory of 36180 tons, 24.38% year-on-year growth rate.
Sun Qing said at the same time, however, as the country revitalization of the economy have issued a series of policies and measures; Carbon industry standard conditions issued and implemented; To curb excess capacity and extensive capacity; For energy-saving, environmental protection, emission is more and more attention and some hard Numbers to constraints and restrictions; Multiple factors, steelmaking furnace steel than rising gradually and other positive factors, graphite electrode and needle coke production enterprises will usher in a new dawn.


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