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The application of graphite in industry

Posted time:2017-03-30

At home and abroad with the development of the industrial society, the graphite has been regarded as important industrial minerals is one of the raw materials, with the development of the graphite processing technology in recent years, graphite parts play an important role in all walks of life.
Graphite pieces to keep the original chemical day flake graphite acid resistance, corrosion resistance and physical, resistance to high temperature of 3000 degrees - 204 degrees at low temperature, the compressive strength is larger than 800 kg/cm2, and kang weightlessness in 1% of 450 degrees of air, resilient rate of 15-50%, have very strong self lubricating performance.
According to the needs of different industries, graphite material is made into different graphite parts, in order to improve the performance of graphite pieces of graphite pieces for special treatment. Play it graphite products in the field of wide sealing, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, conductivity, thermal insulation, compressive strength, wear resistance, oxidation resistance and other important role.
With the continuous development of science and technology, people also developed many new USES for graphite. Flexible graphite products. Flexible graphite is also called the expanded graphite, is {BANNED} of a new kind of graphite products. Years American studies successful flexible graphite sealing material, can solve the problem of nuclear valve leakage, German, Japanese, French and then began the development and production. This kind of product, besides has the characteristics of natural graphite has also has a special flexible and elastic. Therefore, is an ideal sealing material. Widely used in petrochemical, nuclear and other industrial fields. The international market demand increased year by year.


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